If you’re like me, after you purchased your home, you settled in, looked around and decided what things you wanted to do to make it “home”. But you likely ran into a problem – you needed to do these things but didn’t have the tools to do the job.

So you went to your local hardware store and started looking at tools. Sure, they felt good and the advertisements promised that you could build just about anything with it. You knew you couldn’t do the tasks you had lined up without them. So you grabbed the best-looking one and headed back home.

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Then you ran into your next problem. You looked up instructions for your projects on the internet. You jumped on YouTube. And the next frustration level kicked in.

The Problem With Online Instructions

The instructions on the internet make 2 assumptions. First, you have access to expensive tools and a shop. And second, you are an experienced woodworker. Again, if you’re the average homeowner like me, you have neither of those.

In my case, my wife wanted a built-in bookcase. That is way beyond my ability. But in my search to find instructions for these products, I came across Ted’s Woodworking.

5 Key Things Good DIY Instructions Should Have

What I liked about Ted’s Woodworking is they make it easy to work on my projects. Here’s why:

  1. Step-by-step instructions – get ALL the instructions. Shouldn’t assume the reader knows specific things
  2. Cutting materials list – know exactly how wood and materials to buy
  3. Detailed schematics – “color”, detailed schematics. No guessing
  4. View from all angles – know EXACTLY what the completed project should look like BEFORE you start
  5. Good for beginners and pros – skill level isn’t an issue. They’ve got plans for people with lots of experience and those with next to none

And we’re not talking about a couple of projects. Ted’s Woodworking has over 16,000 projects to pick from.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the testimonials from regular people who have used Ted’s Woodworking.

Here’s one:

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