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We’d like to welcome you to Philly’s Top 5! Each Friday, we will deliver a fresh new Top 5 list featuring cool, interesting and little-known facts about Philadelphia.

Why This Site Was Created


Our site’s creator, Anthony (Tony) Alexander, Jr was “born and raised” in Philadelphia about 3 blocks from Fern Rock Transportation Center. He lived and worked in and around Philadelphia his entire life until moving “down South”.


It was then that he realized how much he missed Philly. As he talked about Philly to others, he reflected on just how cool a place Philadelphia is.


The goal of Philly’s Top 5 is to share Philadelphia with the world from a native’s point of view. After all, New York isn’t the only city with history and interesting places to visit.


Features of the Site


Besides Philly’s Top 5, we have the Must See In Philly feature. On this page, we link to recommend sightseeing locations in Philadelphia. After a brief description, we tell you where, when and how much the tourist attraction is.


Coming soon will be Philly Goin’ On that will notify our readers about events like the Auto Show, Made In America and the like.


Stay Tuned


We hope that the things we share can enhance your visit to Philadelphia. And if you live in or around Philly, don’t wait until you move away to enjoy what is at your fingertips.


You don’t have to remember to check PhillysTop5.com. Just subscribe and every Friday we’ll deliver fresh content straight to your inbox.


Welcome! And please enjoy Philly’s Top Five!



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