Sheila E, Dave Koz, Larry Graham Live at The Dell


One of the absolute BEST venues for a concert in Philly is The Dell East. Recently refurbished, this outdoor concert hall is perfect for catching a concert in the summer.


So if you’re in Philly on Thursday, August 17, make you’ll want to be at The Dell at 7 PM. How about this lineup: Sheila E, Dave Koz and Larry Graham. You know it’s going to be a good show.


Expect Sheila E to perform all her hits including The Glamourous Life, Love Bizarre and covers of Prince tunes like When Doves Cry and 1999.


Dave Koz will follow bring the funk with Honey-Dipped, All I See Is You and Bada Bing.


Larry Graham’s on the ticket too. So you’ll definitely expect to hear The Jam, Now Do U-Wanta Dance and of course One In a Million.


So get your tickets and be at the gate 6 PM sharp when they open. And enjoy an evening you won’t soon forget!


Image courtesy Shutterstock

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