Eagles Are Super Bowl Champs! Living the Dream!

flyeaglesflyImage Philadelphia Eagles via Twitter


Thirteen years in the making and the Eagles are THE Superbowl Champions!!! Words just can’t express just how PUMPED I am being a Philadelphian. And what made it even sweeter? Beating Tom Brady and the Patriots. Not just beating them. But doing it decisively.


I’ll be honest with you: I was so tired of hearing that the Eagles are good but Minnesota has the better record. After the Eagles shredded the “number 1 defense in the country” like a wood chipper, the Brady hype-wagon started rolling. And even though the Eagles handily dismantled the Vikings while the Patriots just barely defeated the Jaguars, we still got no respect.


Look at that opening image. It says it all. Sure, a win is a win, even if only by one point. When you force your opponent to burn all their timeouts before the two-minute warning and still walk away with an 8 point spread, there’s no question who is the best.


Have you had the chance to watch the interviews? Jason Kelce’s touching, heartfelt expressions. Brandon Graham’s humility after winning the biggest game of the season. More than their skill, the Eagles attitude and brotherhood contributed to this win. When you put a group of guys with this kind of comradery together and merge it with their ability, this is what happens.


This speaks to Doug Peterson too. Leadership dictates the mood of a team. And it’s clear Doug is a leader. Let’s not discount Jeffrey Lurie. He’s proven to Philadelphia that he was determined to bring a championship to Philly. Chip Kelly was admittedly a disappointment.  Nonetheless, Kelly’s hire demonstrated Lurie’s willingness to try what was necessary to secure a title. Remember, Doug Pederson wasn’t initially embraced after Kelly’s dismissal. Yet, Lurie gave him what he needed to create a championship team.


It’s been a long time coming and the tank is still full. For now, we celebrate. EAGLES ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!



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