Top 5 Philly Roads To Avoid During Rush Hour

Every large city has problems with traffic. The key is to know what those problem roads are and when to avoid them. Philadelphia is no different.

Here are the Top 5 roads to avoid during rush hour:


#5 – Broad Street


Broad Street is one of the two main streets in Philadelphia. It will take you north and south through the city. As a result, it’s one of the most used streets during rush hour. And while it does move fairly well at the height of the rush, certain areas can be challenging.

No matter which direction you’re coming from, once you hit City Hall things come to a crawl. ALL traffic has to go around City Hall. And make sure you’re in the correct lane. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself heading down our #4 street to avoid during rush hour.

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#4 – Market Street


Market Street is the second of the two main drags in Philly. It runs east and west, taking you from 69th Street in West Philadelphia to the Delaware River at Penn’s Landing. The reason it makes our list at #4 is because it too has to go around City Hall.

Just like Broad Street, make sure you’re in the correct lane. The alternative is to head down Broad Street or circle City Hall until you get your bearings straight.

Our #3 entry doesn’t have this problem but it’s no picnic either.

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#3 – The Roosevelt Blvd Extension (a.k.a. Twin Bridges)

This is a rush hour road that’s bad no matter which direction you’re traveling. The Blvd Extension (as it’s commonly known) connects I-76 to the Roosevelt Blvd.

If you’re coming from N.E. Philly and need to get to City Ave or head up I-76 West toward King of Prussia, make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure pills. Traffic from the Blvd Extension to City Ave/I-76 West becomes a single lane of traffic merging with I-76 traffic from Center City.

Going the other way isn’t much better, particularly in the evening rush. Three lanes of traffic become two. Technically four lanes become two because the onramp has to merge with all this. Add people who don’t know that they need get off at Wayne Ave and things can get interesting.

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#2 – I-676 (a.k.a The Vine Street Expressway)


When the Vine Street expressway construction came to a finish, it was great. Not only did it alleviate congestion on Vine St, that construction also made getting onto and off of the Ben Franklin Bridge phenomenally easier. If you only know the current road layout, you might not think so. But if you were around before the construction, you know we’re telling the truth.

As wonderful as I-676 is, it has its faults. That’s why it’s in our #2 slot. Merging from 676 to 76 East funnels two lanes into one. Then that one lane has to merge with traffic on 76. So traffic backs up. Coming from the opposite direction is no walk in the park either.

If we haven’t scared you off yet, get ready for our #1 road to avoid during rush hour.

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#1 – I-76


The No. 1 road to avoid during rush hour is probably the one you’ll need most.


Depending on where you live, I-76 is your main artery for everywhere you’ll go. I-76 will get you to City Ave, South Philly, the Zoo, I-676 to get you to the Ben Franklin Bridge and more. Especially if you’re trying to get to City Ave during rush hour, your hair may get grayer faster than you expected.


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