President’s House


Did you know that the White House was not the first President’s house? It was right here in Philadelphia. But to stop there would be telling only part of the story. While the Founding Fathers were only yards away at Independence Hall constructing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, freedom was denied to those Africans forced into servitude in the President’s House.


This open air exhibit accessible 24/7 “commemorates the lives of nine enslaved Africans at the nation’s first executive mansion”. What’s even more interesting is that the archaeological site was discovered only when ground was being broken for the site that now houses the Liberty Bell.


This is a sobering exhibit that must not be missed if the history of the country is to be examined in full detail. It’s directly in front of the Liberty Bell, so take time to view the videos and archaeological finds on display.


Visiting Info

Phone: (215) 965-2305

Address: 600 Market St (on the corner of 6th & Market)

Hours: 24 hours/day 7 days/week

Cost: FREE


Image Credit: M. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia