Comcast Center

comcast-center-hd-wallWhy would the headquarters of the biggest cable company in the country be on a list of things to visit? The short answer is, it’s an impressive building. Even more impressive is the display in the lobby.


“The Comcast Experience” is a 2,000 square-ft LED projection screen that has dazzling displays so impressive you’ll think it’s real. Seriously, in between features, the display looks like the rest of the wood on the wall. Then – out of nowhere – it changes to the show which airs 18 hours a day. That means you can visit after business hours including Saturday & Sunday. There’s even someone on staff to explain how the display works.


While you’re there, go downstairs to Suburban Station, literally a city under the city. Shops of all kinds including food are at your disposal.


Fun fact: Have you seen the movie Paranoia starring Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford about corporate espionage at a high-tech company in New York? Well, friends, this movie wasn’t shot in NY — it was Philly. And the high-tech corporate office of Gary Oldman is right here at the Comcast Center.

Visiting Info

Phone: NA

Address: 1701 JFK Boulevard

Hours: Sunday – Saturday normal business hours and thru early evening

Cost: FREE


Image Credit: Comcast Corporation